Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

How can economic efficiency and high-quality patient care be reconciled?

The assessment and responsible use of available resources are at the center of all economic considerations. Starting points for the economic optimization of resources range from traditional savings concepts and improved capacity utilization to optimized work processes. Truly economic patient care is not the result of individual measures. Rather, it is the consequence of perfectly coordinated control parameters. Our goal is to release valuable resources through the interaction of processes, services, and cost and revenue structures. We combine traditional valuation methods such as profitability assessments, potential analyses, due diligence, as well as feasibility studies and develop a sound individual basis for your decisions in an environment of close collaboration.

Our approach follows a holistic concept for improving the quality of care, efficiency, and thus competitive advantages. What are your prospective capabilities? Talk to our experts.


			Carmen Rother, M.Sc.

Dipl.-Kffr. Carmen Rother, M.Sc.

Authorized Signatory and Senior Consultant